How to enter ranges in SAP in Citrix Automation

Hello guys,

I am working right now on a virtual machine and I need to enter ranges in SAP transaction (S_ARL_87011990 is the transaction code)

The ranges are stored in an Excel file (if it is important, I can store it on the virtual machine or I can also save it on the local machine)

After I get the report from SAP I need the robot to enter the second range and so on till there are no more ranges.

Any ideas how to help me?

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Hi @vadimpostica,

Welcome to the Community! The decision on where the Excel file should reside would depend on where the robot is running (local or virtual environment).

The following link has information on SAP automation and there’s a separate course in Academy if you’re interested -

UiPath now provides native Citrix automation

Hi @goodoldme,

Thank you for your reply.

UiPath is installed on local enviroment. But it will work in Citrix.

Thanks for the links. I will study them.



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