How to enroll the training course of Orchestrator?

Hi there, I am tryng to take a course of orchestrator but i couldnt find them. Uipath Academy News says “New RPA Developer - UiPath Foundation Learning Plan, including a dedicated Orchestrator 2016.2 Training.” but i couldnt find them in that course. do i have to re-enroll the course again? does anyone know about it?

Did you complete basic (RPA foundation )training yet?
Please navigate to Courses Catalog and check whether “Enrol Orchestrator” option is available or not.

Hi, thanks for your reply! yes, Ive completed the basic training. All i can see from the catalog is foundation training and sap training, so i cannot enroll Orchestrator. do i have to do something to see the option?

@Roxana_Stratila @ovi

Hi @chinami,

You need to complete the Foundation course in order to unlock the Orchestrator 2016.2 Training. After that, please check the RPA Developer - UiPath Foundation Learning Plan which includes 2 trainings:

  1. RPA Developer Foundation Training

  2. UiPath Orchestrator 2016.2 Training

Another option to find it would be to search for “orchestrator” whithin the entire site/academy. The search bar is on the left panel, under the main Menu icon.