How to end a workflow

I’m trying to find the activity that ends the workflow in UIPath Studio X(version 2020.10.4). I’ve tried searching through the activities for key words like Terminate, End, Stop, and cancel but there doesn’t seem to be an activity to do that.

I tried looking online to see if I have the right packages installed but I haven’t found any that appeared to be missing from my computer.

It’s a simple question, but for some reason I’m having trouble(maybe it’s a version issue?).

did u try terminate workflow activity?if not please try that

Hi Ur,

I’ve tried searching for the terminate workflow activity but for some reason I’m not seeing it. I’ve attached a screenshot of what I see when I search for “Terminate” in the drop down. Is there a list of packages/additional requirements that are required to have access to that activity?

There is no such activity in studiox. Why do you need that? What is the usecase?

Can i understand why you need to terminate the workflow?

StudioX does not have any activity to end the workflow

In StudioX you can now tick “Show Developer” to get access to some more activities. Among them you can find Terminate Workflow. Not sure when it was added to StudioX.

Regarding use cases… well, all the same use cases it’s needed in Studio I guess.

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