How to encrypt xaml file from 3rd party view

Hi All,

I am looking how to encrypt xaml file view from nupkg.

Is there any possibility to protected complete project file when we handover to customer as a nupkg?

Since robots need to read the packages unencrypted, the files will be readable in some way or another to a 3rd party. However, I have seen this request in the forums often, and I think it warrants being addressed by UiPath.


As of now, we don’t have this type of facility


Hello Dear,

Do you find any way for this encryption?

Hello Sirni,

Do you find any way for this encryption?

When publishing libraries, the XAML is compiled into DLL.

Why not just do the same with processes when they’re published?

Also, having it be an option would be great. When publishing a library OR package, we should be able to chooose XAML OR DLL.

Note that publishing compiled DLLs makes it so we can’t dig into the package and recover lost production code, so having the option is essential.