How to enable sharepoint excel filling automated?


This is the case scenario I am trying to do:-

  1. I open Sharepoint in chrome.
  2. There by I open the excel I want to fill.
  3. Now the hurdle part- I have a total of 6 columns lets say 1,2,3,4,5,6. The first 5 column is blank and the last column has some values lets say each row in the 6th column has some integer 4,2,0.1,0.6,100 something like this. Now, what I want to do-

I want to fill random values in the columns 1 to 5 for each row with some random values such that the total of sum of column 1 to column 5 for each row should be less than or equal to the corresponding value in the 6th coulmn

As a example- The value for Row-1 in the 6th column is 4. Now I start filling-

Sum of all these values=3.5 < Value present in the 6th Column(Val-4).

I hope I was able to clearly explain my question