How to enable scope Read/write Excel


I try to play around with Excel by following available tutorial. I’m notice that my trial version don’t have a Read/Write Excel in scope column at variables tab. Is there any additional add-in that need to install??

Btw, I creating new variable with DataTable value as variable type, and for scope column it only show “Do” and “Sequence” values.


Scope is just he name of the workflow /container name(do/sequence…etc).
In tutorial they might have created the workflow file name as read/write excel. That’s why it is appearing in variable pane.
Your doing all fine. there is no addin required for this.Good to go ahead. :smiley:


Hi there,
I have a similar problem. I am building a flow to read an excel and write the contents of it to another new excel file. In this process I am following a tutorial that is guiding me to create a variable of type Datatable. I chose “System.Data.Datatable” as variable type. Next I am selecting the options under “Scope”. The available options are “Do” and “Sequence”. I am looking for “Read/Write Excel” as an option under “Scope” but unable to find the same. Appreciate your input. This is the tutorial I am referring to and at 4 mins and 24 seconds of the video you can see the “Read/Write Excel” option being selected which is unavailable in the community edition. Thanks




I have come across the same problem as you. It is a pity no one from UiPath could answer how to get around this problem. Thanks for posting this issue.