How to enable Data Labelling in order to include custom fields in data manager using AI Fabric

I want to execute the process mentioned below:
(i) Define and configure the fields to be extracted by an ML model.
(ii)Import documents for labeling.
(iii)Prelabel documents using a preexisting ML model such as Invoice Extraction or Receipt Extraction provided by UiPath out-of-the-box, or by using a model trained using AI Fabric.
(iv)Label documents.
(v)Export documents in the format expected by the AI Fabric Training pipelines.

The process mentioned above, I need to use data manager where we can get that in Data Labelling. I could not able to find that in my AI Fabric tab in Automation cloud.

Can you please help me to find out the solutions and please guide me with some steps or guidlines for the installation?

@Palaniyappan @lakshman @Kalees9486

Can you please help me to find out the solutions?

Did you find any solution?

You need to register Insider
and request the preview of ‘Document Understanding - Data Manager’

Hi, how long does it take to get the approval for Data Manager through the Insider program?

They do provide approvals on batch running on Tuesday and friday