How to enable Communication Mining

How to enable the communication mining feature, I am unable to find it in my tenant licenses. Is there any special permissions required, if so what are they?


Hello, the communication can be enabled by going to Services - Add communication Mining service however there are some prerequisites before enabling it. Read all here, please.

Can communications mining be enabled with trial version?

Hi @norbert.matyas

I went through the documentation, all the pre-condition are met however, I still do not see the communication mining enablement option in service.

I am the Admin and can see all other services document understanding, processing mining etc but somehow Communication mining option is not visible.

Any suggestions what i should do?

Is there

Hello friend, I have what you need. Can we contact you on messenger? I will send you detailed information.

Is There any update on the above issue ?

I am using Enterprise trail version and i can see DU , AI , but not Communication Mining . Can anyone help?

Can you please share with us how to solve this issue

Enabling Communication Mining in UiPath involves specific steps and permissions, and it’s understandable that you might not find it readily available. Here’s what you need to know:


  1. Enterprise License: Communication Mining requires an enterprise license for your Automation Cloud tenant. The basic or trial versions won’t include it.
  2. AI Units: You need sufficient AI units assigned to your tenant. These units power the AI features like Communication Mining.
  3. Admin Permissions: Enabling and setting up Communication Mining requires “Admin” or “Super Admin” permissions within the Automation Cloud.

Enabling Communication Mining:

  1. Access Services: Log in to your UiPath Automation Cloud and navigate to the “Services” section.
  2. Add Service: Look for the “Communication Mining” service and click “Add Service.”
  3. Confirmation: Confirm the addition and follow any further prompts related to AI units or configuration.

Permissions for Access and Use:

  • View Alerts: This is essential for monitoring alerts triggered by Communication Mining insights.
  • Alerts Admin: This allows creating, modifying, and deleting alerts associated with Communication Mining data.
  • QoS (Quality of Service) and Pre-trained Labels: For more advanced analysis, enabling “QoS” and relevant pre-trained labels requires specific permissions within the service settings.


  • Missing Service: If you cannot find the “Communication Mining” service under “Add Service,” double-check your license type and AI unit availability.
  • Permission Issues: If you lack the necessary permissions, reach out to the Admin or Super Admin within your Automation Cloud tenant to grant access.

Hello: Had the same issue that ‘Communication Mining’ service is not available to enable the service, although, the tenant’s configuration meets the above criteria which are listed below to double check:

  1. Enterprise Trial
  2. 10000 AI units are configured on the Tenant
  3. I am the Admin for the organization & all tenants

Any help is appreciated.


Even though your tenant meets the criteria (Enterprise Trial with sufficient AI units), Communication Mining might need to be manually activated for your specific tenant by an administrator with higher privileges.


Reach out to UiPath support directly. They can check the service status for your tenant and activate it if needed.