How to Enable backward compatibility after upgrading our orchestrator?

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May I know what is back word compatibility and how to enable that. Currently we are upgrading our orchestrator from 2018 to 2022.


Check these documentations:


Thank you @marian.platonov

But I need to understand what does it mean by Enabling backward compatibility.

The documents which you have shared tells about the versions which we need to chose while upgrading our orchestrator. but thanks to you I am able to understand few things from those documents like -
- Newer Robots can execute projects created with older versions of Studio. For example, a project created with Studio 2018.4 should work on a 2019.10 Robot or newer.

- We do not support forward compatibility. Projects created with newer versions of Studio might not work with older Robots. For example, a project created in Studio 2019.10 might not work with a 2018.4 Robot.

I believe Enabling the backward compatibility is something we may need to do after upgrading our orchestrator. I just what to know what is that and how to do that.

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There is nothing to enable. Backwards compatibility is just built-in.

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Wow that’s a relief then. Thank you @postwick

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