How to email using outlook and append body with table of content

open code
stage where we are reading html file and storing in html2

just before that you will find a simple html code
open it
find tag <a href = "…

put the path where you want to navigate (“”)
and it will look like this
< a href = “”>display name< /a>


Hi @rahatadi

I could only see “” in the code before reading file for assignment to variable html2.

Also, the email sends to each addressee all the rows instead of his own record (current row).

Please help me modify the code which will help me understand for later enhancement.

I also need the body to have text before the table, like

Dear Sir,

Appended below is ……
… please contact…

Table of current row.

You could check you movie at
The desired output is attached. Thanks

Customer Service Representative


hi @Learning

code1.html (261 Bytes)
HTMLData.xaml (9.4 KB)

this should work

Thanks @rahatadi

It works !

I tiried to understand and added in lines into the body.

But , I cannot find out where is the change that sends email per row (current row) versus just earlier where email is sent to individuals with all the rows.

I cannot see any change in the activity or the sequence or any variables. Could you point out to me which portion makes the difference so that I know in case I need to send all rows to respective individuals.

Thanks !Capture7

changes are in .html file

Thanks @rahatadi. Good, I will compare the input html. You are the man !

Hi @rahatadi,

Just checking if you know if the gap in the last column header is something that could be managed in html codes.

Attached is the pic for superficial gap

between the dsplay in outlook and gmail. Thanks.


there is missing back slash in code, that is causing extra table data,

please update code with respect to screen shot…



Thanks @rahatadi. Tested ok


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