How to efficiently install many front office robots (FOR)


I’m wondering whether any of you have achieved an elegant & efficient process for instantiating front end robots for many human user agents? There are several steps to this… and we’d like to automate the process as much as possible:

  1. Install UIPath Studio on the agent’s computer
  2. Add the FOR license key to the agent’s computer
  3. Add a new robot entry for this computer in Orchestrator and capture its GUID
  4. Associate the resulting Orchestrator GUID to the agent’s computer
  5. Add a registry key mentioned in a separate thread which can autorun the robot service

And so on.

To do this manually for 15+ FOR users seems daunting. Anyone got a killer process?


as of 2017.1 you can deploy them automatically

  • via command line
  • using connection string with the msi
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Extending this a little… if we also want to have the UiPath Chrome extension installed on front end robot machines that do not have UiPath studio installed, can someone please confirm that it’s mandatory to run SetupExtensions.exe /chrome instead of simply navigating to the Chrome extensions store in the browser using a hyperlink?

Is there some mandatory behind the scenes config that is required for the Chrome extension to work properly, precluding simply installing it from the hyperlinked web page?

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Yes, I can confirm that it’s mandatory to also run SetupExtensions.exe /chrome.

You just have to follow the steps in the user guide:

Buuut here is another possible solution if you encounter errors like that one: