How to edit String

Hi all,
I am pretty new to this,
I want to change a string in the Format: 32100
To a string in the Format: 32ā€™100

How can I do this?

I found a very unelegant way with an assign activity:

Max = Max(0) + Max(1) + ā€œā€™ā€ + Max(2) + Max(3) + Max(4)

I am sure there has to be something better

@chusikowski What kind of format is it ?

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hello @chusikowski,

Will the apostrophe be consistently inserted after the 2nd number? I tried to use below code to arrive at ā€œ32ā€™100ā€:


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@chusikowski - pls try to with String.Format like

ā€œ{0:#ā€™#}ā€, value)

input - 12345
output - 12ā€™345


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