How to edit Reusable Activities without source file?

Hi Guys,

Happy New year!!

I have created reusable activity in uipath and same as published in orchestrated.

Now the major problem here orginal source file has deleted in share drive due to some technical issue (“We unable to recover those files”). Now we need to do some changes in same activity file.

Is any possibility to edit activity, which is available in manage packages.

How could I proceed further step, anyone can advise me.

download the package and open it as a zip file, maybe you can see the xaml inside…

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, by the way we don’t have download option in manage packages might it will be add feature in future versions. If you know the things please describe the steps, how to download from package.

What is the version of your orchestrator? Maybe you will need to take the package from the file system, but i think you should be able to download it…

thanks for your reply, I hope I am using older version, which is “studio - 2018.4.3”.

This version is ok to download published packages, see it in here: