How to dynamically read an specific cell from a large number of data


I want to read the last most data from the column Balance and this column size is dynamic. Is there any solution available from where I can remake it for my own solution?

Or any possible idea to solve this case?

Thank you

Hi @Tanzill_Ahsan ,

Try below assignment.

Balance = YourDT(YourDT.Rows.Count - 1)(“Balance”)

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Hi @Shraddha_Gore

I think it should be first row and then column ,

Balance = YourDT(YourDT.Rows.Count - 1)(“Balance”)


Hi @prasath_S ,

Thank you for correcting me.
I interchanged row & column by mistakely.

Should I write this code under for each row loop?

Write it in assign activity.

Thank you

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