How to dynamically pass in sub categories into a uipath form

Hello Guys, I am trying to do achieve something on the UIpath form. I will be using this forum web site as an example . First I have an Api that returns stings like this “Developer\Automation\LN” and “Developer\Automation\TX”. These strings can be more and they have be stored in a List.

For “Developer\Automation\LN” , what this means is that there is a category called Developer and in the developer category there is a subcategory Automation and another sub category called LN.

I would love to apply this in Uipath form in such a way that the subcategories do not appear until the corresponding parent category is selected by the user.

Please is this possible?

Thanks in advance

I suggest searching the forum and documentation. I’ve done something like this but it was a while back, and took a lot of digging to figure it out - as there’s no specific detailed documentation, you just have to figure out the pieces on your own.