How to dynamically identify row position and enter random value in 2 particular fields?

Hi Community,

This is Salesforce Application. I need to add a new line in that Technology table. Then it gets added in any row position. Bot has to identify that row and enter random values in 2 fields which are highlighted.
Note : Column positions are fixed.
Newly added line position is dynamic. It has delete icon without Plus(+) symbol as shown.

Please help me with the logic.
Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:


extract the table and use condition

condition as gives below
booloutput=datatable.asenumerable.any(function(x) x(“ColumnName”).tostring.equals(“”))

in then part use
index=datatable.asenumerable.tolist.findindex(function(x) x(“ColumnName”).tostring.equals(“”))

assign values which you need to enter in the fields



It is not extracting data properly

Can you explain this how to do.


use type into activity to enter the values inside the then part


but which field I need to indicate as it’s dynamic