How to dynamically group multiple lines of strings and how to read it as an ordered list

Dear friends,

I currently am working with the following string patterns:

AGE SOMETHIN (@ 1.7752)
Take Action 1 at 1.0325
Take Action 2 at 1.0325
Take Action 3 at 1.0325
End age at 1.0430


AGE GOOGLE(@ 1.7752)
Take Action 1 at 1.0643
Take Action 2 at 1.0963
Take Action 3 at 1.0325
End age at 1.0430

My main goal is to assemble each of the string patterns into dynamic groups and also be able to dinamically manipulate its string values,

The following screenshot will help you understand it better:

Notice that the useless strings (conversations) should be deleted and filtered out of the output,


Firstly split it with newline. Then you will have an array of String. then you can manipulate as you require.

str.Split(CChar(vblf)) OR