How to dynamically delete data of some columns

Book1.xlsx (10.3 KB)

I want to dyanmically delete data of the columns B and C in of the Above Excel

My Data that means my Numbers of Rows are not constant everytime sometimes there are 10 rows sometimes 5 and it varies How DO I achieve this

I tried using Delete Range but somehow it fails Because it that we have to Specify the Cell Number also which I can’t in my case because my Data i.e number of Rows is not constant

Any Help is appreciated :slight_smile:

in such cases we can read in the excel into a datatable and dynamicly calculate the ranges e.g. YourDataTableVar.Rows.Count

for deletion the cells in excel we do have several options. One approach is to create a 1 column Datatable with X rows and empty values then write it back to the excel (with the range e.g. B2 for a B column deletion) and delete the column values. Do not missout to handle the first row properly when the first row is containing the column header

Hi @Ishan_Shelke,

If you want to delete the column itself, you can use the activity Insert/Delete Column and specify the ChangeMode property to Remove.

Set the position and no. of columns. This will delete the columns from the excel.


You can use this project
delete_data_rows.xaml (10.8 KB)

I have made it dynamic so you can edit it as per your requirement

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