How to dynamically check the column alphabet in excel

In my excel i have to delete some columns based on some condition. So i am reading the entire headers and putting in a list. Then i am reading each items from the list using for loop and checking whether i need the column or not based on the header name.

But how would i know the alphabet of the column so that i can delete the column from the excel.

@kkpatel You Dont need the Alphabet , You need to know the Column Headers used :sweat_smile:

@kkpatel Do you want to delete number contains columns?

If yes , Use Isnumer function and if condition to delete the column - using Delete column activity.

Try using ‘Filter Data Table’ activity to remove unwanted columns.


If i delete the column from the excel the next column will be shifted to left and it will disturb the positions. So first i want to get the column (with alphabet and no.) then select a cell by select range activity and then press ctrl+space to select the entire column and then do a clear content.


Then fine , try filter data table with condition to keep only columns which contains alpha instead of deleting column.

and Look at this thread , may be the solution will help you.

Guys, there is no concept of data table i am using. I want to delete directly from excel.

One thing, is it a good idea to use data table if there are more than 3 lakhs of rows ?