How to duplicate rows with ignorecase

Hi,how to duplicate rows with ignorecase?


I like to tell you that one liner does not help forum guys understand an issue.
You must describe in well manner.

I request you to express problem.

Hi, I want get right side data from left



Thanks for screenshot.

You can use Read range activity to read an excel.

  1. Take Read Range activity and provide path, sheet. it will be stored in datatable variable
  2. Take write range activity, provide same sheet name, range starts from E1,

have you any idea to how to duplicate left side data with ignorecase to get right side data?

give a try on:

Assign activity
Left side: dtCleansed | Datatype: Datatable
Right side:
(From d in YourDataTableVar.AsEnumerable
Group d by k1=d(“city”)toString.Trim.ToUpper, k2=d(“ammount”).toString into grp=Group
Select grp.First()).CopyToDataTable

Kindly note: Cross check the column names on spellings and ensure that the LINQ statement is using the names as in your real data


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