How to dupe check data of a column "ID" in sheet1 and sheet2, if data present delete the row in sheet1 , if data not present cut from sheet1 and add in sheet2!

no, as i need to delete data from main sheet when it is present in sheet 2

Please share the unput excel

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Actually i have 10 + columns ,
"Receipt number " and "CaseNumber " if both are same then i need to delete

Focus on
If data not in sheet2 then add it in sheet2.
Once you are done with this task → delete sheet1 and create a new sheet1 if really need.

This approach will give you the same result

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DublicateDelete.xlsx (13.3 KB)
In this excel 4,5,6 rows are dublicate

Have you tried using LINQ Query for this, grouping the rows based on two column values and writing the complete table back in sheet.
I guess i saw this same question in some other post too

Daily bot will run , so the data in sheet 2 will append. if there are 100 records today from tomorrow it will write from 101, before writing from 101 i need to check either its present in this sheet2 or not. for this i am not able to write.

Can you please explain properly the exact situation?

Dupe check is based on two columns .

  1. case number
  2. receiptnumber

in provided screen shot i have hilighted dupe values with yell0w, as case number and receipt number are same,.

but i ignored 2nd, because its the first value with case number and receipt number.

(from row in DT1 group row by pn=New With {Key.A=row.item(4),Key.B=row.item(9)} into grp=Group select grp(0)).ToList.CopyToDataTable

Use this linq Query in an Assign activity → DT1 comes from read range of this excel
4 and 9 in row.item represents the column index that we are checking

Output 2 rows → as i can see there are 4 rows which are duplicate 3,4,5,6

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3 is not dublicate as it was the record with different receipt number compared to 2nd and 3rd

3,4,5,6 are duplicate entries so they should all be replace with single entry which is the 3rd one.
The above mentioned query will provide the required output, if you are satisfied please mark the reply as Solution.

Cross reference

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From this pic , 3rd one should get deleted.

@MitheshBolla Try attached workflow (15.5 KB)


Another Approach

  • Before you update the filter data in the specific sheet simply delete rows using Insert/Delete rows activity and then update. In this way you need not to write a code to filter duplicates again for the same sheet
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But when we have multiple dublicates , how to indicate the row count as it will change dynamically.

@MitheshBolla Use read range activity and output of this is data table . You can get the rows count using DataTable.Rows.count. The related code you can check in the attached workflow. Don’t consider about any duplicates etc. Remove the all rows except header and write the filtered data( data that you are filtering from the main sheet). If this process doesn’t work then use the attached workflow. it should work !

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Acutally my requriment is to delete only dublicate row but not entire sheet. I had already completed deleting complete data in sheet except headers with your solution.

@MitheshBolla No worries !! If there are no other queries please mark as any of the above solution that helped you

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