How to drag the activity inside the "if" block


How to drag the activity inside the “if” block without using mouse click drag activity or (ctrl+x , ctrl +v)


First, copy that activity which you want to put inside IF activity then in workflow use tab button and then Paste that activity either In then or else part . you can directly use “ctrl+v”

how to copy activity from activity tab??

No need to copy from activity panel ,In the Workflow ,When you are using tab button that time it will also come on + button (which is always come in b/w two activity ) then enter on + button and select you required activity then do "ctrl +x " .
and then go to then part of “IF” activity by using Tab Button with Button up and right, left then ctrl +v

First by opening If condition we can’t use( i mean now my UI is only If activity) within that i am trying to place.

If you are using only If Activity then also it is possible


Did you find any solution for this?