How to download UiPath 2018 Firefly release?

Does anyone know how to download UiPath 2018 Firefly release?I heard that intelligent OCR is integrated in this release.Also can anyone please confirm whether it can read handwritten text now?
@ovi @Roxana_Stratila Can you please help me in this?

Hi Ronak,

You can find all the details about the UiPath 2018 installers, including the download links, in this post:

Thanks Ovi !
Can you please let me know will it be able to read handwritten text also after integration with tesseract and abbyfine.

@ovi I am also curious about Firefly after seeing the webinar. Which release will have the Python functionality that is advertised, and some documentation (and examples, etc.) on how to leverage it?


Hi Christopher,

The major version(2018 - Firefly) has already been released and the latest version can be downloaded from the website: UiPath

The Python activities will be released most likely in the next minor release(or minor + patch). But you can take a look on the beta feed:

  • go to Package manager
  • right click on the left panel
  • click Configure sources
  • add a new package source - Name: UiPath Beta feed(or whatever you want) and Source:

Please note that the activities in this feed are in alpha or beta state so they may be buggy. For the python activities please install UiPath.Python.Activities pack. And please check the Include Prerelease checkbox in Package Manager in order for it to show up.

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Thank you @ovi !

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