How to Download trial Version of Blue Prism


How to download trial version of blue prism software


Hi @Ajithkumar_P,

I can’t answer that, however you can try UiPath by downloading a Free Trial Version of the Product at :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy automating using UiPath!



thanks Amrita_Mogali
i already use uipath for past 1 month…


Kindly Check the DetailedBlue Prism Installation and Setup article.

BluePrismInstallationGuide.952579804.pdf (1.9 MB)


Blue prism .exe, but from where can we download, i could not find the link to download the software, every one is telling to click on the exe and proceed further, any help on getting the sw is much appreciated.



It’s a licensed software so it isn’t free you have to pay for the license to get access to the software or tutorials. Alternatively, attend an institute like Hope Tutors who is offering blue prism training in Chennai at affordable fees,they are having the commercial license to run the Blue prism software.