How to download the reports of each month in the assigment 2? Training Advanced

I am not able to go throw each month to download the month report. I did it like the walkthrough, but I dont know what to write into the dynamic selector.

Help please

You should iterate through all selecttype values, there might be index or some Id will be different for each month, and those values will be in sequence from 1-12 so make that value as variable counter. After you download first then increment the value by 1 till 12

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The dynamic selector takes each value of the enum you created for months {“January”,“February”,…}

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I did it as you said and it worked perfectly. It iterates through each month at high speed.

After doing that, I continued with my workflow;
the first month January works well; (no data found)
the second month February works well; (month report download)

After the first month report downloaded(february), it starts working slower and slower, this is because it spends a lot of time identifying March and pressing download. I dont know why this is happening, becasuse without the new part of the workflow, it iterates through each month and press download very fast.

I need help in order to reduce the time it is spending after doing February.

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Check these:

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Thank you nadim.warsi !

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Welcome :slight_smile:

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