How to download the multiple files in website

how to download the multiple files in website…

you want to download all the files or by seeing invoice/Credit Number u want to download?
pass the value invoice number into the variable,
pass that variable to uiselector then it will download as per the invoice/Credit Number

Basically the selectors for the ‘Download’ button should almost be the same with just an id or row number getting change for each of those. You can use ‘Find Children’ activity pointing to the parent selector that may point to the element under which all those download button falls. After that use a for each loop with a click activity passing the element that was resulted from the output of Find Children activity. Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.

I took the whole table as extract table by datacraping…
then i took the for each row…theb inside that i took click activity for download…
but it is not working for each download button

Have you tried this method?