How to download specific version of UI Path Enterprise Edition

Hello All,

Can any one please guide me from where I can get the setup file for 2019.10.4 version of UI Path enterprise edition.
I could not find the required version in “Resource Center” at (

Thank you in advance.


Welcome to our UiPath community.

You can install 2019.10.5 from this link - (

Hello Lakshman,

Thank you for your reply.
Could you please let me know if the version 2019.10.4 is not available/possible to download and if I need to install any other specific version of enterprise version,what is the process to be followed?

Thank you.


You can find all list of Enterprise versions which are currently supported by UiPath under Resource Center in

If you need any other version then contact UiPath support team as you are using Enterprise License and they will provide you download link for that.

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