How to download PDF from a website, Do we have any activities ready made?

My URL is Dynamic it changes in every iteration so that i could’t get the URL through ‘Get Attribute’.

You can send the asterisk to make selector work for all the URL’s irrespective of it @Sun_Dar

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I hope there is no specific activity to download attachments from a website
But still we can click on save button with simple CLICK IMAGE activity or CLICK activity

And for this we can replace the dynamic part of selectors with wild card symbol *
So that it can Accept dynamic values

Cheers @Sun_Dar


i cannot select image or element for this thing image
as it auto hides.
i am trying like

  1. send hot key ctrl+shift+s
  2. type into : “c:\desktop\lee\PDFs”+account_number+".pdf"
  3. click on image
    it is working,
    But i know this is not appropriate way of doing it. :upside_down_face:

Hi @Sun_Dar have you already add pdf to the workflow dependencies/package?

i tried passing wild card, it is not working for me. though the selector is valid. :frowning:

Hey, Yes i do @gemlan .

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This looks fine actually but may I know why you feel this as not appropriate
Cheers @Sun_Dar

:slight_smile: Cause,
it will become surface automation and i don’t want to dedicate my machine to this small task.
Looking for something, which can undergo in background. :innocent:

  • Damn sure ‘send hot key’ does’t work in the background. :sweat_smile:

No it would
We got a property called SENDWINDOWMESSAGE in the send hot key that would help us to run send hot key activity even in background

Cheers @Sun_Dar

‘i used it (SEND WINDOW MESSAGE checked)’ for my previous tasks, worked.
But i don’t know why it is not working on this. Anyways Thanks for suggestion.

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Mention this send hot key within GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity
And inside that use send hot key activity with just the key and no elements chosen for selector

That would work either

Cheers @Sun_Dar

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