How to download outlook body image except Header part images

My requirement is that:-

Read Outlook Emails.
Download Only Body part Images.
Do not download Header part images.


I saw the same post earlier @pankajs3 :smiley:

But the thing is, it will save all the images in the attachments and body also I guess, so that you can pick this one if you know the names of attachments or if you found any difference in those names. Not sure if we have an activity to download only those particularly

Hi @pankajs3 - You can do one thing I am not sure if will work for you while you are trying to save the image just after that use delete file activity to delete the header image you can give condition like if .png exist then delete. @HareeshMR - Any comment on this one.


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Yeah @anmolk171, That was a great idea, but we have the names of attachments, then both the options work

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@HareeshMR - Agree that’s why I need expert opinion.:smiley::smiley:

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@HareeshMR @anmolk171
but same extension images exist in both body as well as header attachments.
and i am not sure which name of file exist so i can not differentiate.
i have do download only body images(or body images name) not header attachments images.

How does that image appears in your body html code? is it a link or embedded as base64 string?

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Thanks, You gave me solution. by reading html code i am able to get body image.

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