How to download only image files from a specific google drive folder using its file ID in uipath

My scenario is I have a multiple image files in a specific G- Drive. I have to downlaod only those image files of a specific folder. I have tried using find files and folders activity. But it is not downloading the image file of particular folder rather it was downloading all the images from another folder. Can any one pls help me.

Maybe using For Each and Switch activity to execute specific action when the file has been found? Did you try that?

I don’t know the exact file name. If the folder contains image files it has to be downloaded

Hi @Manisree_Parasa

Try Using Gsuite Activites!

Refer the documentation Below!


Hi I have used the download file activity as well. But it’s not working.

My scenario is the bot will open the dynamic G-Drive link as shown below

From this link. The bot has to download all the image

Can can one solve this

Try to bind the G Drive into Windows Explorer and not work trough links