How to download multiple files from a website in UiPath

We usually came across a situation while automating a project where we need to download multiple files from a website. Lets see how we can implement this in UiPath.
We will use the acme website mentioned here to achieve the result.

Implementation in UiPath*

Step 1- We will use the open browser activity and pass the website URL. To maximize the window we will use Maximize window activity.


In the properties panel, don’t forget to choose the browser type. I did my automation on chrome, so I choose the browser type as “Chrome”.


Step 2:- We will now use Data Scraping activity to extract the data of the table. To scrap the data click on ‘Data Scraping’ at the top bar as shown in figure.

Step 3:- Once you click on Data Scraping, you will see the below window pop up.

Here, we need to click on ‘Next’ button to indicate the first element on the screen.

Now, below pop up will occur. We will click on No button as we don’t want to extract the data from the whole table.

Once you click on No button, below window will popup. We will click on Next button to click on second element to create a pattern.

Extract wizard window will now popup, as we have extracted the elements from second column, so will configure the second column & provide the custom name to the column as per your requirement.


Click on Next button & below window will popup to preview the data that we have extracted.

Click on Finish button.

Once you click on finish button, below window will ask you if you need to click on next button to navigate to the next pages.


Note:- If your website have the next button/forward arrow key to move to the next page, then click on Yes button else click on No button.

we will click on Yes as this website has the forward arrow to navigate to the next page.

The structure will looks like this in UiPath.


Store the Output of the Extract Structured Table in the output variable “ExtractDataTable”


**Step 4:-**We will use For each row activity to loop through the extracted data from the table.

We extracted a URL column from the website.


Step 5:- We will use Open browser activity inside the for each row loop to open the each URL & this will download each file one by one.


As we have extracted one column from the table, so it will be at index 0 that’s why we used row(0)

Step 6:-

Finally we will run the workflow.

Complete skeleton:-


This workflow will first open the browser then scrap the particular column from the website and save the data to the variable type — datatable. Then we loop through the table & open the URL of each file & once the file URL will we open it will download the file automatically.

I hope you enjoy the article.

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