How to download folders that is being placed weekly once and trigger the Bot

I want to download and trigger the bot when the Folder is created (uploaded) in a SharePoint site in EDGE browser.

I do not know, what activity to use to download the folder (when it is placed in EDGE site).
My project is:
1:Download the folder (that contains excel files)
2:Save it on the desktop.
3:Copy a Excel macro sheet to the same folder.
4:Then run the macros in the Excel macro sheet.

Please guide me here as I am new to UIPATH.

From where you download the folder
Any shortcut keys you use for download
and its a attend robot or unattended robot

Hi Dear,

Thanks for replying.
I am so sorry, but I am unsure if you are asking me question or suggesting me .

I want to download the folder from EDGE site.
I have not shortcut keys and for time being it will be an unattended robot.

Have a good day.

Then Do one this buddy am also not sure about it use trigger option in side that you use web recorder otherwise you use activity click and download the file to you desk-top use copy file or copy sheet activity I dont know exact what you work i just give a hint it is a attended bot if you want unattended bot dont use trigger I am not sure it is working or not if its working am happy

Chethan P

Better you just use web recorder
I hope on that time you can get to know how you download the file.

Chethan P

Sure :slight_smile: Let me try this.

Thanks a lot for the support.

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if its work can you please inform other wise we will see other solution

Sure thing. at 1st I will have to learn Web recording :slight_smile:.

I will keep you posted.

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