How to download file from Sharepoint Site using Open Browser activity?

Without installing/using any Sharepoint activity or Microsoft 365 activity, is it possible for the robot to download file directly from Sharepoint Site after checking if the folder in that Sharepoint site exist?

Searching for the folder in the search bar to see if it exists. If it is, the robot will click into the folder to check for another folder. For every folder, the robot click into, the URL changes in URL encoding. In the last folder, there will be many files. I will need to search for the file if its exist. If it is, the robot will click on the Download button.

Since, sharepoint site using Browser is unable to extract the table of folders. I have to use the search bar to search for folder and the file.

Any help be much appreciated.


  1. Start Process - Input the Browser URL
  2. Attach Browser or Use Application\Browser(if you are using Modern Project design)
  3. You can Send hotkey or Keyboard Shortcuts ((if you are using Modern Project design) to send Ctrl +F --> To activate the search bar
  4. Type Into activity - to send the folder to search bar you are looking for
  5. Align other activities based the result and Requirements…

Hope this will give some idea to start with…

Hi @prasath17
I mean to use the search bar (Search this library) in the sharepoint site. and I do not have have align activities.


@SITI_NUR_ALYSHYIA - got it…Then Just use Click activity to point at “Search this library”

and followed by Type Into.

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