How to download documents if count is not fixed

I am handling computer vision automation, plz refer to below attachment.

I have to download these all documents present here, but the count is not fixed sometime 3 documents present and sometime more then 10 how to handle this scenario.

Hi @Neha_Aggarwal1

Try like this

First data scrap those data and then loop through it and download the documents


@Sudharsan_Ka i can not scrape that complete data at once bcse the window is very short i have to use many down key to scrape all day


when you use data scraping , it will fetch the whole table isnt it? regardless of the no of items in it

Hi @Neha_Aggarwal1

maybe you can use hotkey activities, i mean, click on the first row, then download it, then use Down hotkey and keep going until reach the last row

@Rajeena_M no for this scenario it’s not scraping whole data only the visible part it’s scraping

But m not sure how many documents are there ,don’t know when the last row appear count is not fixed

may I know , from where are you trying to get this table content pls?

It doesn’t matter, we will know that it is the last column because it will throw an error that click activity could not find the selector or element, so basically we will put those activity within a trycatch activity, so if it go to the catch part, it means that you’ve reach the last row