How to download attachment from gmail and outlook account


I need to download an attachment from mail, so I provided Get IMap Mail message activity,
for outlook i provided port no as 993 and server as, and also I tried using gmail account I provided port no as 993 and server as after that i provided credentials and stored that to a variable,while trying to run Im getting error

“Get IMAP Mail Messages: Invalid credentials (Failure)” Can anyone please help me to solve this issue,Credentials I have entered is correct.

Hi @Chippy_Kolot

Try with this below methods

  1. One way is to use Save Mail Attachments activity. This activity saves the mail message attachments to the specified folder. If the folder doesn’t exist, it is created. If no folder is specified, the downloads are saved in the project folder. You can use this activity inside a For Each Mail Message activity to loop through emails and download attachments

Check out this link

  1. Another way is to use Outlook Application Scope and Get Outlook Mail Messages activities. These activities allow you to connect to an Outlook account and retrieve mail messages with filters. You can then use a custom code or macro to save the attachments from each mail message.

Check out the link



Please confirm these settings and use app password instead of your login password


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