How to download an Automation from Orchestrator

Is there a way to download a Process/Automation from Orchestrator so it can be opened in studio to work on?

Our developer created a few automations but I don’t know where the files are locally on the servers (we have 8 and multiple users). Since I don’t know where it is saved, I can’t open it to update it now that a process has changed.

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From Orchestrator you’ll find it in the Tenant > Package but it’ll depend on how you have your tenant and host configured.

Alternatively you get get the nuget package from your storage which by default is the local file system but the storage can be any number of back ends and/or an external nuget feed.

That said it’ll depend on how the nuget package was created and whether the xaml sources are included.

Hi @joshua.harper,

Take a look at @sadhuvijay11’s answer in this other post:

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Thanks. I had found and downloaded the .nuspec file but I didn’t realize I had to unzip it. That looks like what I need. Unfortunately it didn’t include the screenshots but I can probably figure it out.

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Yeah, unfortunately it ignores the screenshots folder.

You can use this “Change Informative Screenshot” to do it manually.


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