How to download AI Computer Vision Package Activity

Hi Guys,

I’ve tried downloading the package for AI Computer Vision Activity but getting this error message below.


Hope you could help me with this.



Hi @caduque,
Are you downloading this package using Manage Packages in Studio?
If yes, please attach your project dependency list from Project pane.

Yes sir! Are you referring to the screenshot below?


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Indeed :slight_smile: Is this what you looking for? Is now everything working?

Everytime I click install, the same error message pops up.

The question is which version of Studio are you using?
Please also check the dependencies for CV → image
Check your UiPath.Automation.Activities package version. I think you problem is related to some component which are too old.

I am using 2018.2.3. Am exploring how to add packages and you are correct, I should check the dependencies as well. Checked the UiPath.Automation.Activities package version and it is indeed outdated. For me to update this package, I need to update my Studio (Enterprise edition) which I have no idea how.

I assume that if you are using 2018.2.3 version you have Enterprise Licence. In that way please contact with our Technical Support for help with getting new version of Studio :wink:

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Thank you sir!


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