How to download a zip file with specific date

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I want to download a .zip file after logging into the google drive and the conditions to download the file are:

→ I want to download only the recent one file i.e I need to download the day-1
if I am performing action on 16/05/2022, the I need to download 15/05/2022,
if I am performing action on 17/05/2022, the I need to download 16/05/2022 and so on.
→ The format of the .zip file is 112844.912458.out.220515(yesterdays date)
–>112844.912458.out.220516(today’s file to be download tomorrow date) etc

Please anyone help me how to achieve this.


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Did we check with this Google drive package

Here download the file first and then we can unzip the files we want with the below activities

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Hi @Palaniyappan ,

Thanks for your reply,

I need to download the file from google drive which is in the photo based on day-1 date along with some format as in the photo for your ref.

Hello @HeartCatcher ,

First you need to setup connection with your google drive. then inside the Google drive scope you can use find files/folder by givign the Name of the file ( to get filename you can append the date), then you will get the ID for the searched file.
Then use download activity to download it.

(Google Drive automation using UiPath | How to use Google Drive Activities in UiPath? - YouTube)

Hey @HeartCatcher

Were you able to achieve it ?