How to download a link from a pop up window

Hello, I need to know how to download a link of several archives that are shown in a pop up windos of a browser, I dont know which command windows line I have to use. Can someone help me?


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Do you want to download the link or do you want to click on the hyperlink.

If you want to get the link then use Get Attribute activity.

hi @sarathi125.
I need to download the content that is in the hyperlink, it is normally done as a right click mouse / save as


Use data scrapping you will get along with hyperlink…get in datatable and in for each row loop, click dynamically…

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Hi @gulab
Thank you but I want to save the files in the link in a folder, which have different format

In the description column " Descripcion" you can find the documents link and I need to download the files in a folder

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