How to download a file as per todays date

I have a folder in BOX and multiple folders are present inside the box , name of the folders are as per date. I need to download the folder which has todays date . How can i achieve that?


Hi @Ankita_Biswas
Can you share the screenshot of the page?

it will look like this

You need to click on this as per the date is that right?

yes the date will be matching as todays date

Have you tried passing the variable inside the Click activity?

Can you please elaborate

  1. Create a variable like this
  2. Use the click Activity
  3. open UI Explorer in Click Activity and indicate on screen and check for “text” or “innertext” in the attributes
  4. Right click on the value and choose variable as you have created in the starting if not choose create variable and create a new one
    5)As you remember this is the variable i have created so choosing this
  5. After Selecting it will become like his and works dynamically


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Thanks it worked .

That’s Great ,
Happy Automation


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