How to download a dynamic list of files from search results?

My first post, I’ll try to be clear and succinct…

Landscape : I have a list of thousands of unique user ID codes as input (I can read these into a data table no problem. I have a Electronic Document Mgmt (EDM) system that may contain files associated with the user ID.

Situation : Due to the nature of the user agreement with the EDM vendor I am not able to download in bulk the files contained in the EDM. My intention is to use UIPath to read from the data table, execute a search in the EDM, and download all found files. Probably worth noting that I am accessing the EDM through a VDI (VMWare)

My questions :

  1. When files are found, the results are shown on screen. To select them all manually one would click on a filename in the results and then CTRL-a to select all. Is this possible in UIPath?

  2. Once the files are selected the download requires a right-click then a menu selection and then some fields completed, that’s not a problem. How can I tell when the files are done so that I can continue the loop? I have a “files found” from the EDM, would checking the number of files in the download folder be my best method? There are also check boxes that get checked next to each file name as the download is completed but being a dynamic list of files I’m not sure how I would know to check the last filename for a checked box.

Thanks in advance!!