How to downgrade uipath orchestrator version?

Hi there
How to downgrade UiPath orchestrator version?


in the packages tab in orchestrator, search your process and then use the rollback action


@fernando_zuluaga I am looking to downgrade orchestrator version not package version

As per me direct downgrade is difficult.

But in my experience i did once. As a lift and shift.

  1. Get new SQL server and New windows server.
  2. Install the version you want.
  3. Do the configuration in orchestrator.config.dll and**
  4. Once its done and your orchestrator is up and running its a good sign.
  5. You can re-direct your Old SQL DB so you will get all your data back. Remove new sql connection and point to old sql db. orchestrator.config.dll
  6. wait for a 1 week and all goes well then decommission old orch server and new Sql db.

Hope it helps