How to downfill formula from the left cell in excel

i have created this excel file for example… i want to downfill the formula from the first A cell to downfill for the entire B column so may i know how to do this?

Can you explain more what do you want to fill B column?

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Hi @sathish_Kumar6

Suppose, if the input excel is given like below


and Total column needs to have values like (Amount*2)

We can utilize the Excel Application Scope and write cell activities.


The output is


The formula gets updated for each row automatically just like we do manually in excel.

xaml for reference

DownFillExcelColumns.xaml (5.5 KB)

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i want to downfill the formula that i refer from left cell A1 but i have completed this process… thanks for the concern Bzural

thanks for the effort reply bro