How to do Wrap text for all sheets in excel file

Hi all ,
i have question

lets say i have an excel file ,and the inside of the spacing between column is very messy and tight,
i want to do a wrap text for all the sheets inside the file,
any suggestion on how to do it ?



this pckg contains the wrap text activity, you can give a try with that


Hi @Ahmad_Rais

please do checkout this link below


Hi can you explain how to use that?,
lets say the variable name of my excel file is : “TodayFile”

can you send us a sample excel @Ahmad_Rais


the sample file can be anything ,
but only need to have more thatn 1 sheets
and the column generated is very close to each other , so we need to do somthing like wrap text to make it neat and tidy

ok understood

Let me provide u a sample using balareva excel activities instead of macro


Main.xaml (5.2 KB)

Hi @Ahmad_Rais
kindly find above example

i have used AutoFit Column Activities of balareva

kindly install that package and try it out


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