How to do versioning of package

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I am trying to explore Azure DevOps CI/CD. While trying to configure UiPath Package task, there’s this versioning method which I would like to understand.


When I tried to run the pipeline using the autogen method, I got a package version of 1.0.136848351 on my Orchestrator. The package that I deployed is current at version 1.0.7 since I manually publish the package from Studio before.

From my understanding, if I selected the Use the version specified in the project file option, I would see the 1.0.7 version instead. My question is, how can I update the version and version notes without manually publishing the package from Studio? Is it possible to edit the version every time I push new code to repository? and that version will be then used when I run the pipeline?

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If you want to change or control on azure then you can use custom versioning and you can add your own version to the package…

If used from project then you need to change in project.json or publish the package to orchestrtaor only then it changes

If using auto generated then it auto generates a random number or version and from there the track would be kept by azure…

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Thanks for explaining, @Anil_G! Greatly helped :slight_smile:

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