How to do this scenario given below?

I have attached my .xaml file and excel here. As per my script, I am getting the Publish Status(Column name) as “Success” in sheet1 attachment but i need to get the Publish status(Column name) as “Success” like sheet2.
Can anyone guide me which logic using for this?Main.xaml (71.3 KB) Extraction report (2).xlsx (10.7 KB)

Hi @jamunatj,

I have checked your xaml, you are assigning the value as “Success” to the column Piblish Status. Not clear what is the issue here and what should be fixed. (137.2 KB)
Please ignore above mentioned xaml file. I have attached my zip file now.

Once the same invoicenumber(column name) details entered in my application, I have given save buttton then i will get the popup message.
Based on this,If that popup element is exist means,I have assigned the value as “Success” to the column Publish Status.
As per my script, I am getting the “success” (excel attached with zip file)
I need to get the “success” to the each column publish status for same invoice number.

Can anyone guide me please,how to do above scenario ?