How to do separate search in Google for the list of names?

Hi Everyone

I have a list of names in excel spreadsheet (lets say 5 names). How to make a loop for separate search for all 5 names in Google. Lets say I don’t know what are the names, I know only where excel book is located and names of columns
Thank you

Hi @oredresser
Just use a for each loop to get the url for each item.
( I know this is vague) but check out the tutorials on to get to know the basic functions.
Its a lot better to get to know the stuff instead of being handed a example file with the solution :slight_smile:

It kinda depends on what you want in the future :slight_smile:
If you want to be a developer, it would be nice to get through this. And its not that long. I think the basic part is handled in a few hours to get the knowledge.

But to help out a little, Find the URL of a google search you want. I dont know what you want to extract, but for example
Change the search term in a var."+ThisIsMyVar+"

And read the excel as that var in a for each loop in an excel scope.
So. For each item in the excel
Set the item to ThisIsMyVar
Then open browser (or tab/navigate) to “"+ThisIsMyVar+"
And repeat :slight_smile:

Still vague, i know. But maybe some handles to search on. Because just opening a page with the search term will not be the end to your question. You will probably need some other actions after this?

Love to help you learn, but im not gonna provide complete flows.

Edit: you removed your post, and now i sound like a complete douche :stuck_out_tongue: No worries. Try to learn and youll do fine!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you for help !!
How to stop the loop on those cells in database (list of names) which do not contain anything?