How to do On-premise Orchestrator API Authentication with PowerApps

Hello Everyone,

I looking for help here with how to do On-premise Orchestrator API Authentication on PowerApps.

I have tried all the avalible way but it doesn’t work and each time its giving an error with “Host address cant resolved”

Url :
Body :

“tenancyName” : “Tenant name”,
“usernameOrEmailAddress” : “user”,
“password” : “mypass”

Sounds like your implementation of PowerApps cannot reach the destination host. Is it private behind a firewall? If publically accessible, are there ACL, Software Firewalls or lack of binding/listeners on the Orchestrator host that would prevent it from accepting a connection from the source (PowerApps).

I would speak with your IT team or Microsoft if it looks to be outside of the Orchestrator configuration

The authentication endpoint would be for a local Orchestator users opposed to say a Domain account using Negotiate or NTLM which doesn’t require the use of that endpoint.


@codemonkee Thank you very much for ans me.
Yes my company network is private and using very tough firewalls to protect the network.
Sure i will check with my IT team.