How to do Multiple Filtration in a loop in Excel?

I have an excel file , in which I have to apply multiple filter dynamically(where I don’t know the excel values) to continue with the process.
I’m stuck at the area of multiple filtration, I will explain the scenario in the below steps
1 In the location column, first get the locations available removing the duplicate entries
2 In a loop, filtering with the values of location - get the data from column “Age” by removing the duplicate entries
3 In a loop, filtering with the values of Age - get the data from column “Years of Experience” and the data obtained from the "Year of experience " column is copied at a stretch and copied to another data table.

I’m attaching the excel for your reference.

Can any one help me to crack it ?

Excel.xlsx (13.8 KB)

I am not able to understand your question,
can you share the expected Output?

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'Remove Duplicate Rows ’ Activity will meet both point 1 and point 2.
After that it should be easy i believe. Pls chk this activity