How to do find text position in uipath


I have two pdf with same format… I want to find position of the text from one pdf and use the same postition to scrap data from second pdf…

I have attached pdf as follows
Invoice 8.pdf (159.6 KB)
Invoice 6.pdf (160.2 KB)

from invoice6.pdf i want to extract position of Invoice No : 360500961 and using the output element value, I want to get text of Invoice No : 360500968 from invoice8.pdf

Have you used Find Text Position Activity ?

Yup… but it is not working


I’ve used Screen Scraping to get the element associated to Invoice No : 360500961 (invoice 6). Then I attached to invoice 8 and I set the the same clipping region for extraction. (839.8 KB)

Hope it helps!


Hey @PMCosmin
Would you be able to help with my problem.